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At Tibet Open House we welcome diverse religions, cultures, arts, and philosophies, and do our best to facilitate the sharing and learning of various beliefs and perspectives. Due to escalating issues with P1 municipality, which hinder our operations, we aim to do our best at making TOH self-sustainable based on a patronship programme, where we don’t rely on funds from governmental or commercial institutions, but instead gain the majority of our financial support through voluntary donations of community members, who resonate with the ethos of TOH and want to continue participating in it’s programme.

We hope that through small and reasonable monthly donations from a large number of community members we would achieve financial stability for operational costs. These include bills for utilities, rent, wages, restocking, and commissions for programme (eg. bringing teachers from abroad). All of this ultimately contributes to us catering to the wishes of people who come here. 

With immense gratitude and hope,
The Tibet Open House Team

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